The documentaty "Z: The Story of David Zychek" is currently in post-production.

David Zychek, central Texas musician, was thought to be (by his peers and fans alike) one of the most gifted guitar players.

Zychek, who died in 2016 of illness at age 64, started his music career at an early age and quickly became a sought-after studio musician and live performer.

The documentary features many of Zychek’s music and performance videos--many of them shot by his large number of fans in Texas and nationwide.

Music Producer Ric Cabot Podmore said, “he never found the fame or accolades I (and anyone else who heard him play) thought he should have received.”

"Z: The Story of David Zychek" will open in 2019.

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See a sneak peek below. Enjoy!

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